Tyga Slammed With Yet Another Lawsuit

Tyga Slammed With Yet Another Lawsuit

Tyga Slammed With Yet Another Lawsuit

He is no stranger to being sued.

But now Tyga, is being sued by the guy who informed him he was being sued.

A process server has filed a lawsuit against the rapper after claiming he was attacked by his entourage while handing him a summons for another case, TMZ reported Tuesday.
Kylie Jenner's boyfriend was handed court papers while walking into his 27th birthday party at The Penthouse in Weho in November.

The man who handed it to him - as personal delivery of notice is required by law - has claimed he was subsequently grabbed, yanked, pulled and choked' by Tyga's posse

Indeed a video of the incident published by the site clearly shows the man getting yanked backwards with an arm around his neck immediately after serving the Rack City hitmaker.

According to the site, the lawsuit lists Tyga as 'a minor celebrity... known more for his social life than his music'.

The same week he was served, Tyga reportedly paid off the remainder of a separate $200k jewelry debt he had been sued over.

According to TMZ, the rapper completed a final $100k payment as well as some interest to jeweler to the stars, Jason of Beverly Hills, after he won a judgement against Tyga.

The site also claims Jason's lawyers had planned to make girlfriend reveal details of her finances as part of their debtor's exam before the outstanding payment for a watch and chain bought in 2013 was resolved.


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